SEORCH is my main project. It combines many different SEO Tools like an OnPage Check, a SEO Crawler, Rank Monitoring, Keywording Tools and Tools that help texting for keyword clusters. Nearly all of the tools are free of charge and can be used by everyone. Additionally it provides SEO APIs and Whitelabel Solutions for online marketing companies.


OneProSeo is an Enterprise SEO Suite I developed for diva-e. It is used for all our customers and integrates all tools we need for successfully manage large amounts of clients and keywords. For example we monitor over 150.000 keywords on a daily basis, provide APIs to BI software and support our content creators with texter briefing tools, live ranking and search volume checks. Another big part of the tool is website and URL monitoring in terms of page speed and core web vitals.


I support businesses with custom Shopify development. From complete custom themes and designs over building Shopify apps and extensions to third party configurator integrations via the Shopify API I did many things over the last years. Shopify is a great platform for starting your own webshop. Easy to setup and maintain but yet comprehensive if you look under the hood.

Custom Development

For my clients I create custom software. Big projects are for example an API for finance and stock data, extraction of Amazon ratings and search results, custom website crawlers to extract competitor data and prices. Some smaller things are for example the gathering and monitoring of suggest data from different sources like Google, Bing or Ebay.

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