I am a Web Frontend Developer since 2000. I started working with a large S&P 500 company and was responsible for all the websites within the EMEA region. In 2010 I switched industries and was hired as a Frontend Architect by a German Telco. In 2014 I took a walk on the wild side and went to a digital agency were I support the SEO consultants and our customers with technical SEO and tooling. Also I created an enterprise SEO suite which is used by many of our customers. So as I started as Frontend Developer I moved on and became a Technical SEO and Full Stack Developer over the years.

What i like to do

Building software that gathers data/information from all imaginable sources and organize those data with code. Creating beautiful frontends for vizualizing data structures and help people to interact with this information. Also I like debugging websites in terms of page performance, crawlability and all other things that lead to better usability and SEO. I have a deep understanding how a search engine crawler sees any kind of website and know how to find problems and fix them.

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