SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO is my main focus of work. I am an expert technical SEO consultant and supported a bunch big companies over the last ten years. For example large automobile manufacturers, retailers, insurrance and travel companies, food companies, drugstores, television networks and telcos. I understand the challenges of working with global enterprises and big teams distributed all over the globe.

SEO Analysis

A big part of every SEO project is the initial check of the customer websites. This is called site clinic or site audit. Those audits determine the whole SEO strategy and streamline all of the necessary measures to do a successful SEO project. The outcome can be quite different. Some audits can be as extensive as a small book and cover everything from page speed, URL structure and information architecture over technical issues with HTML and JavaScript to content analysis. Other audits directly lead to user stories an tickets for the different involved departments.

SEO Consulting

Matthias @ SEO Day

In my daily job I implement SEO strategies. Together with inhouse SEOs and our SEO Consultant in the agency we work step by step on the website to ensure a perfect foundation for content SEO. This comprises of weekly and adhoc calls with website developers, management and online marketing departments. I try to teach everyone the underlying ideas and measures that have to be done. Also I have been a speaker on German SEO conferences like the SMX in Munich and the SEO Day in Cologne. In the past years I hosted dozends of technical SEO workshops were I educate participants in detail about technical SEO aspects. Another part of my job is to help trainees and junior SEOs with difficult tasks and to be a fallback when it gets techy.

SEO Tools

Without data you are just another person with an opinion. While search engines do not disclose what it takes to get a top ranking, you can exactly track every aspect of a website and the rankings for you keywords. To do this on a large scale you need tools. For example to get detailed and comprehensive data out of Google Search Console or for regular technical crawls of your website. While i use industry leading tools like Sistrix or SEMRUSH i do not fully rely on them. 2011 I started to build my own SEO tools (SEORCH) and this gave me different point of view on how search engines work. My understanding of the involved technologies has expanded and helped me to get a better SEO.

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